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Manufacturing induction wads involves a multi-step process that begins with the selection of suitable raw materials, typically laminated layers of aluminum foil and heat-sealing polymers. These materials are then coated and treated to ensure proper adhesion and heat-sealing properties. Finally, the manufacturing process includes die-cutting as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and cosmetics


We are a manufacturing company engages in imports, it typically involves procuring raw materials, components, or finished goods from foreign suppliers to support its production processes.  Blester foil, SDP foil, Pet foil, PP foil, Glass foil, Ambush foil, Pulp Board, Adhesive, Printing Ink are the most importnt materials thats we are working on its. 


We are suppling finishing goods and perfect mattrials to our stake holders, obtained, these materials undergo precision manufacturing processes, including coating, die-cutting, and shaping, to produce the final induction wads.  Square, Renata, Incepta, Acme, ACI, IBN Sina, Becon, Reckitt, SK+F, Radiant, Orion, Halth Care and  Opsonin, Macdonald, Lark, Haychem and more.  

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